Home Theatre Specialists

With a ride range of components, theatre systems can be a challenge to setup and configure correctly. With our help you’ll be relaxed enjoying the latest movies and entertainment in vibrant surround sound in no time.

Home Theatre Systems have many components and demand the full range of our skill set. Projectors need mounting brackets and HDMI cabling, component or RGB cables – 5.1, 7.1 and 9.1 surround sound setups require careful planning and room modelling so as to achieve the best audiovisual effect . There is little point paying thousands of dollars for a state of the art home theatre then wasting it with a poor installation.
Projector screens and flat screen TVs require skill and planning to hide cables and be mounted securely to a wall at the right height. Power points, HDMI leads and antenna outlets need to be installed at the same time as the rest of the system for best results.
PixelPAC will arrange connection of your HiFi amplifier, speakers, DVD, Foxtel and set top box together neatly and simply for trouble free operation with instructions so you can enjoy your movies or the game at it’s best. We can organise an electrician to move or add new power outlets as required.

We are the one stop shop with highly qualified and highly experienced technicians who can design and create the ultimate in home theatre setups.

We can advise on the latest technology – integrating smartphones and tv’s – or turning an older tv into a smart tv using add ons such as Apple tv or Google Chromecast – then watch a whole world of television open up. At your fingertips will be the latest episode of every tv show or movie as well as all your old favourites from seasons past. – no waiting for the networks to screen your favourite show – no ads, no 11pm start times, pause, fast forward and rewind without expensive PVR’s. There are no limits!!

Apple TV and its Android counterpart Google Chromecast allow older TVs to access smart features, send YouTube shows directly to your TV, stream movies from your computer and so much more. Netflix, digital TV stations as well as local iView TV set you free from the old pay tv/ free to air paradime of – “do as you are told, watch what we tell you to, when we tell you to and you had better damn well like it” – our team can show you how to avoid geolocation and access services normally blocked to Australians. For people who have english as a second language it gives you an opportunity to watch shows from your motherland.

If you are already on N.B.N then prepare yourself for flawless Streaming of HD – up to 4 people can be streaming HD at the same time at 25 Mbps. If you are in an area that is installing N.B.N – sign up as soon as possible – the installation comes at no cost to you and the price is very competitive with adsl and other 3 and 4g providers.