Discover the speed and security advantages of an ethernet home network compared to wifi. Wi-Fi is a popular choice amongst most homes today, however, few households experience a steady and reliable connection.

For stability, high bandwidth and security a wired Ethernet home network is second to none. We speak to isp’s and a huge proportion of the problems people have with home internet is caused by problems with Wi-Fi.

It makes sense to have the most important equipment in your house to be connected via cable rather than wirelessly so if there is an issue with Wi-Fi – your computer and smart tv are not affected.


In 2012, analogue frequencies that have served us for 54 years since TVW channel 7 commenced transmissions on the 13 October 1958 were turned off for good.

If you are getting pixelation (squares on screen interfering with the viewing) don’t accept that as part and parcel of the digital experience. Call us – we can look at your system and give you an obligation free quote to fix your system. We specialise in getting an excellent picture in fringe reception areas often succeeding where other technicians have failed.


With a wide range of components, theatre systems can be a challenge to set up and configure correctly. With our help, you’ll be relaxed enjoying the latest movies and entertainment in vibrant surround sound in no time.

Ask us about fully utilising your smart tv or products that add the features of a smart tv to a standard tv for a nominal cost. We can also assist with setting up computers and hard drives as servers for movies and home video.